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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to styling my own hair. I rarely use the same product combination each time I wash and style. Partially because I like to try new products so that I can recommend them to my clients (or steer them clear), but also because I am not always going for the same result every time. Some days I'm feeling volume and texture (okay, most days) but others I'm looking for smooth and sleek. As I type this, we're all in quarantine and maybe not so worried about our hair having volume, hold, memory or shine. But someone once told me that once you put something on the internet it will be out there forever (I think that someone was my Mom). So hopefully we'll all be able to leave our houses soon and this handy little guide will come, handy when you're looking for your newest products. This list is basically what I managed to take with me before the shelter-in-place.

Shampoo and Conditioner: I almost always go with Kérastase because as far as professional lines go they have done an exceptional job at creating a line for every type of hair. My go-to right now is the Le Bain and Le Fondant. Which literally means "The Shampoo and The Conditioner". I'm so French. J'Adore (see? French) this shampoo and conditioner. It is made with a blend of light oils that nourish but won't weigh the hair down (even my fine hair). It leaves hair shiny and smooth. And it smells incredible and luxurious.

Primer: A primer is a nice way to detangle, add so me add some additional thermal protection and even out the porosity of the hair so other products go on evenly. I also like to use my primers as re-stylers to spritz on when my hair needs a refresh between washes. I'm currently using Oribe Foundation Mist which provides a light moisture and is supposed to keep static at bay. Bonus in the dry Chicago winters. I spray this all over my hair before I put on my blow-dry cream. It has a pretty neutral (but nice) smell.

Thermal Protectant: Because I'm washing my hair less while I'm staying at home I've been using Kérastase L'Encroyable blow-dry lotion as my thermal protectant before I dry. It provides frizz and humidity control and thermal protection that lasts for several days. So when you blow-dry on day one, then straighten on day 2, curl on day 4 you don't have to re-apply a thermal protectant.

Styler: It's hard to beat my all time favorite Mousse Bouffant by Kérastase. Volumizing with a medium hold this mousse helps hold my curls or waves and gives my hair the look and feeling of being more full. Vitamin E makes this mousse moisturizing and helps reduce breakage. This product ALSO has UV and thermal protectant in it which is such a bonus. My attitude toward thermal protectant is kinda like your Mom's attitude about sunscreen when you couldn't wait to run in the sprinkler and she was slathering SPF 80 all over you: more is more. Or....was that just my Mom?

Hairspray: When I curl or put waves into my hair using hot tools I almost always use a spray to help hold the curl. VIP by Kérastase is a texturizing hairspray, offering a powdery texture and medium hold in one. This is great if you are going for more beachy, tousled textured waves. When I'm looking for a sleeker look I like to use Freestyler working hairspray by Oribe. I spray this section-by-section as I'm moving through my hair with the iron.

Of course, it's not necessary to use ALL of these products to have beautiful and healthy hair. But cocktailing is a great way to reap the benefits of several products at once.

Just a friendly reminder to purchase your products from your hairstylist. We spend time educating ourselves on care and styling products because it's important to us that our guests' hair is healthy (okay...and looks good too) at home. In turn, we make a (small) commission on the products we recommend to our clients to care for their hair at home. When you purchase professional salon hair care from places like Amazon, Marshall's, TJ Maxx it is either fake (the fakes are really, insanely, disgustingly good) or expired (ew). Always. This phenomenon is called diversion and I cover the details in another blog post.

Right now while we are not able to have clients come into the salon to purchase products, we are providing links to Bumble and Bumble, Kérastase and Oribe to purchase products directly from the manufacturer itself. Once the salon is back open, you can stock up during your first appointment (reunion!) back.

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