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Whether you’re meeting a friend for lunch, heading into an important meeting or attending a special event you should (and can!) have the skills to look polished and pulled together without stress or self-doubt. 




Our social media feeds are packed with makeup tutorials, how-to’s and “hacks” but it’s often difficult to translate those skills into real life. Understanding skin type, undertones, and face shape are paramount to buying the appropriate makeup products and mastering the right techniques.  


Similarly, we are bombarded with marketing for the newest hair products on social media every day (at least I am!) and it’s hard to keep up let alone decipher what products are a) best for our hair type and b) will best help us achieve our hairstyle goals. 

I empower women with the skills and confidence to apply makeup in a way that enhances their natural beauty and best features. 


My one-on-one, hands-on makeup lessons are designed to meet the unique beauty goals of each individual client, whether that means mastering a 5-minute makeup routine for the every day or nailing that cat-eye each and every time. 


I will provide instruction in:


  • Techniques to achieve classic, no-fuss makeup

  • Easy 10-minute (or 5-minute!) makeup routine 

  • How to downsize and simplify your makeup bag

  • What products you should be using for your skin type

  • Choosing the correct colors for your skin tone

  • How to prepare your skin for makeup application 

  • More advanced techniques (smoky eye, contouring, cat eye, etc) as desired


Each makeup lesson is 1.5 hours (or 2 if you choose to have me curate your current makeup collection) and caters to your specific needs and goals. After our lesson is completed I will provide you with a guide with your makeup routine broken down into steps and a color palette to reference when shopping for makeup. I can even do the makeup shopping for you.





As a hairstylist with over a decade of experience I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to styling and caring for hair. I am, of course, passionate about hair and also passionate about sharing my expertise. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to not love your hair and also not have the skills or knowledge to make any significant changes (I spent the first 31 years of my life not fully understanding how to properly take care of my hair and also not grasping why, for the love of God, my hair refused to hold a curl). 


My one-on-one hairstyling appointments are designed to help you master your “hair goals” style and also understand what types of products you should be using at home to achieve/maintain hair health.


Hairstyling lessons may include:

  • Hands-on tutorials of styling techniques

    • Round brush blowdry

    • Styling with a curling iron, curling wand or flat iron

    • Styling face frame and fringe/bangs

  • Basic upstyling techniques 

    • Upgrading your ponytail

    • Easy bun for low-key days or special occasions

  • How to prep hair for air drying

  • How to style and care for curly hair

  • Inventory of current hair care regimen and instruction in how most effectively use the products you currently own

  • Hair care recommendations for styling or care products you may benefit from 

  • Assessing hair health and troubleshooting any current issues and challenges 


$200 for 1.5 hour individual makeup lesson 

*You also have the option to add on personal shopping. After our initial appointment I will curate a list of recommended products and purchase the recommended products OR we can shop in-store together. I have access to substantial discounts that, when available, I can pass along to my clients.  



$200 for 1.5 hour individual hairstyling lesson



*In addition to one-on-one sessions I also offer group classes. Please reach out to me for group/party rates.


*This pricing applies to in-home appointments within a 10 mile radius of Deerfield, IL or appointments with me at Solo Salon in the West Loop of Chicago. If you would like me to come to you and you are out of this 10 -mile range a travel fee will apply. 


If you're ready to master your makeup and hair routine, click on the link below to send me an appointment request. Let me know what type of lesson you'd like and your preferred availability.

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I'll be in touch! 

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